Antique (pre-1903) Books


0625. Samuel Woodworth Cozzens. The Young Silver Seekers or Hal and Ned in the Marvelous 
 Country Completing the Young Trail Hunters' Series
0626. J. Storer Clouston The Adventures of M. D'Haricot
0627. Geo. W. Bell. The New Crisis..
0628. Amber. Rosemary and Rue
0629. G. Chaplin. Benedicite; or, the song of the three children being illustrations of the 
 power, beneficence, and design Manifested By the Creator in His Works.
0630. Joaquin Miller. Songs of the Sierras.
0631. M. Aurelius Antoninus.The Thoughts of the Emperor.
0632. J.H. Bates. Christian Science and it's Problems.
0633. J. W. Brodie- Innis. True Church of Christ.. 
0634. Bret Harte. Sally Dows and Other Stories. 
0635. Alfred Tennyson. Gareth and Lynette.
0636. Count Lyof N. Tolstoy. What to Do?  
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