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(Banned Books)


1525. Paul Verlaine.Royal Tastes Erotic Writings. 
1526. Salman Rushdie.The Satanic Verses.
1527. Samuel Roth. American Aphrodite. Volume 1 #3 and Volume2 #s 7 & 8 
1528. Gerald Foster. Lust. 

1529. Edith Cadivec. Eros- The Meaning of My Life. 

1530. Aubrey Beardsley completed by John Glassco. Under the Hill. 
1531. Frank Harris. My Life and Loves- Fifth Volume. 
1532. Robert Gover.Here Goes Kitten.  
1533. Daniel Defoe. Roxanna The Fortunate Mistress.
1534. Edith Cadivec.Confessions & Experiences.
1535, J.C.Thomson (ed). Tennyson's Suppressed Poems 
1536. Kenneth Tynan et al. Oh!Calcutta!.
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