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(Banned Books)


1549. Gaius Petronius (Arbiter). Complete Works (Satiricon and Poems)
1550. Jack Woodford. White Heat
1551. John Cleland. Memoirs of a Lady of Pleasure (Fanny Hill).

1552. D.H.Lawrence. Sons and Lovers..

1553. Jean Jacques Rousseau. Confessions. 
1554. Alberto Moravia. Two- A Phallic Novel 
1555. Jean de la Fontaine. Tales and Novels.
1556. Mark Tryon..Sweeter Than Life. 
1557D.H. Lawrence. A Propos of  Lady Chatterly's Lover: Being an Essay Extended From "My Skirmish With JollyRoger."
1558. Bernard S. Talmey. Love The Science of Sexual Attraction. 
1559. D. H. Lawrence. The Woman Who Rode Away and Other Stories.  


1560. H.W. Long. Sane Sex Life and Sane Sex Living   
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